We received updates from the Stake Presidency concerning sacrament in May. Remember that tomorrow, May 3, is a fast Sunday.  I encourage you to fast with a purpose as families. While we obviously won't be holding a testimony meeting tomorrow, I would highly encourage you to look for and take advantage of opportunities to share your own thoughts, feelings, and testimony with those around you.

Here are the important points going forward:

  • Sacrament will continue to be administered weekly in homes where there is a priesthood holder
  • With updated state and community guidelines, we can now offer to take the sacrament to any homes that need assistance.
  • Ministering Brethren should contact all families they are assigned, ask if any assistance is required, and offer to administer the sacrament when appropriate. Please be sensitive to situations where individuals may be at higher risk.

Families and individuals are encouraged to worship how they see fit. This could certainly include study time, testimonies, song, prayers, etc.... but this is under a family environment not a coordinated "church" setting.