Hello my friends in the Battlecreek 8th Ward! I realize it has been a little while since I've seen many of you in person. My family and I were not able to attend sacrament in July due to having contact with an extended family member that contracted Covid-19. Don't worry, everyone is feeling fine. Rosario, myself, and our kids did not catch it and everyone is feeling fine.

I wanted to take a moment to review the current information about sacrament meeting plans for the month of August. Our ward is assigned to attend church on the second week of each month. That means that we will be meeting on Sunday, August 9. The plans are the same as last time.

  • You are welcome to attend either meeting.
  • All are encouraged to wear masks but it is not mandatory.
  • Each person/family should consider their personal health status before deciding to attend (Please refer to President Brown's email and letter to the stake).
  • All touch surfaces and sacrament trays will be cleaned before, between and after the meetings.
  • We will observe prescribed social distancing guidelines. Every other pew row will be left unoccupied.
  • We ask that attendees do not gather before or after the meeting in the foyer or hallways.

While I look forward to getting back to "normal", I am encouraged by the examples of service and ministering that I hear happening around us. I challenge each of you to find ways you can safely help, minister, and love your neighbors. Make sure you don't forget that your immediate family is included in "your neighbors".

Thank you for all you do. I hope you all have a wonderful sabbath day.