The link for today's sacrament meeting is:

Click on "Click here to WATCH the video stream." Then click on the button for the East building and follow the prompts.


In case you were wondering - we experienced technical difficulties last week and the online broadcast of our sacrament meeting did not work. Please try again today. Riley Bayles returned from his mission this past week and will speak to us today. Don't miss it!


You should have received an email with zoom links to our Sunday School meetings today - Gospel Doctrine meeting at 1:00 pm and the Youth Sunday School meeting at 1:30 pm.

If you desire to receive text messages with future meeting links and other ward information, please send your preferred cell phone number to and I will arrange to have your personal cell phone number on your Member Tools account updated if needed. If you are aware of ward members that want email or text messages with ward information and meeting links but are not currently receiving them, please reply to or contact a member of the Bishopric.

Brother Connors