General Conference is coming up very soon. I am personally very excited for this opportunity to listen to messages from the Prophet and other leaders. I love the spirit that I feel when I sit with my family and listen to these speakers and I am looking forward to this special General Conference.

April 2020 General Conference - Church News and Events
All members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are invited to participate digitally in the 190th Annual General Conference on Saturday and Sunday, April 4–5, 2020.

I continue to be in contact with the Stake Presidency and the other bishops in our stake about the recent changes. We are all constantly looking for ways to improve what we are doing and have discussed the following:

  • How do we avoid going three weeks without the sacrament?
  • What can we do to prepare for the upcoming general conference?
  • Can we make the sacrament available on Easter?

In counseling with the Stake President we have decided to adjust our plans and authorize the sacrament to be administered this week March 29th then on Easter, April 12.

As you have seen in the news, circumstances around us are developing very quickly. We will re-evaluate our plans and counsel as a Bishopric and with the Stake Presidency regarding how to move forward after Easter.

In connection with the sacrament on March 29th and the upcoming general conference we would also invite our stake/ward to treat the 29th as a fast Sunday.

While we will not be sending out our young men to collect fast offerings, we would invite you to donate online during this time of tremendous need. We pray that this adjustment will be a blessing to every home and family as we prepare for general conference and celebrate Easter.

We appreciate your support, love, and prayers for us as we wrestle with the right way to bless all of the members of our ward and stake.

-- Bishop Kevin Hansen