Hello friends and neighbors! More changes are coming. As President Nelson said

"Eat Your Vitamin Pills. Get Some Rest. It's Going to Be Exciting."

Some of us may be like the little boy in the picture above, excited to be there but he still a little unsure and he needs someone else to hold his arms in the air. Some of you, myself included, probably feel like the girl. A little bit concerned about the wild ride we are on and not sure if this is what she signed up for.

Yes, things keep changing on us and we're never quite sure what to expect but I am confident in the future and excited.

I wanted to take moment and share a few important dates and items for you to be aware of:

  • September 27, 2020 is Fast Sunday, but our ward will not have Sacrament Meeting. You may partake of the sacrament in your own home if there is a priesthood holder available.
  • October 4th and 5th is General Conference, there will be no meetings in the building.
  • We are still in discussions with the stake, making plans for how the recent announcement about how moving to weekly sacrament meeting will happen in our stake.

I encourage everyone to fast if you are able. Do not simply go without food for a few meals. Rather, find a purpose for you fast. Keep this purpose in mind and a prayer in your hearts as you fast.

Below are just a few ideas of things your might fast for:

  • Increased testimony of a particular gospel topic
  • To be prepared for General Conference
  • To receive spiritual guidance about an important decision in your life
  • To know that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God

Scriptures about fasting