For all Young Men and Young Women - we are beginning an activity that will continue throughout the Holidays!

We are going to be doing various, self-motivated service activities. Every week we will have different service challenges. The very fun part of this prolonged activity is that it will be a game that the whole neighborhood can participate in.  

When we as YM/YW are out serving, we need to wear an ELF HAT (please see the bottom of this post as to where to pick up your hat).  It is our job to not get caught in our service. It is our neighbor’s job to try to catch us serving.

NEIGHBORS: If you see someone out and about in an ELF HAT- please, try to take a picture as sneakily as possible - and post it to this site!

THIS WEEK: The focus of the service activities will be raking leaves, and making cookies.  So, YM/YW, look this week for neighbors who might be in need of a raked lawn, or a sweet treat.  When you are raking, or delivering, you must wear the hat.

Neighbors: Be on the look-out this week for Elves who are raking or delivering doorstep treats. Catch them with your camera (if you can!). Then, post your sightings to this group! It should be fun!